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Facebook page:

India Against Corporatocracy

This page is about all the unethical practices used by the so-called fortune 500 companies that built their empire of evil by forcefully manipulating people around the planet for generations by the same group of pure evil. The whole web is connected, and one supports the other to keep their system of greed running. This is an attempt to expose all of the demonic agendas to destroy the common people of the planet.

Facebook Groups

1) No Walmart in India

This page collects all the people who have become aware of the impending evil that hovers over the country like death of the common people. The monsters behind these corporations have run out of people to exploit in the countries they are already established, and now they are making a push in the countries where the politicians are in their pocket. Their financial power will suppress all allegations against them, and they will get away with old fashioned highway robbery.  They are using the enslaved people in china as their workhouse, and produce cheap goods to destroy other people’s business for quick profits.

2) No Bharti Walmart in India

This is another similar page that collects all the information of manipulation done around the planet by these corporations, and educate the people about the kind of evil that is lurking around to destroy their lives. There are many people who have awakened through this drive, and have become a part of this awakening process.  It is only a matter of time that all the people of this country will become one to fight against this evil who will inevitably have no where to hide when all their tricks are revealed.

3) Indians Hate Walmart

This is a page where all the people who are filled with rage against these evil corporations, and they are bringing in their own spirit to put up a strong fight against this putrid corruption. The drive is getting hotter as more people join in to lend a hand, and the backlash will be much higher than before. The game has just begun, and the fight will continue to protect the people.

4)  I hate Walmart With A Passion

This is a group where people come together to show the hidden truths of corporations like Walmart that go unnoticed because of the massive manipulation of information in the media. There are many people who have become aware of the true corruption that supports the unnatural growth of the organization that is spreading around the planet like a plague. They source their products from enslaved communist china where the common people have been suppressed to become slaves for these corporations. There are many such so-called fortune 500 companies that have made it their plan to use china as their workhouse, and feed off the massive margins as their personal incentive.

5)  Wake up India

This is a group to wake up the people in India who are unaware of evil that is lurking around to destroy their future for generations to come.  The global terrorist are using the system to take over the country using financial warfare, and bribing the top officials to manipulate the laws of the land. They are trying to take over completely so that all the people of the country will become hopelessly dependent on their warped system, and they will feed off their lives till the end of time.

Bharti Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India


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