Walmart Continues to Manipulate FDI Laws in the Darkness

Walmart uses the media as one of its primary tactic to warp the mindsets of the masses. This is the ultimate method to hide all of their global crimes from the eyes of the masses, and continue their poisonous system of manipulation. They have been at it for decades, and they have the financial power to hire lawyers that can get them through the law system easily.

They make billions, and they get away with their crime by paying few thousand dollars in the court of law to show the masses that the justice system works. However, at the end of the day, they get away with their crimes. They use their predatory tactics to destroy hundreds of businesses by surrounding a flourishing economy, and bring in cheap Chinese and Bangladeshi goods to eliminate all competition.

It is a perpetual trap that keeps the masses completely entrapped. The people have no way of fighting back, and when their perception is manipulated — then there is no way out of the sinkhole created for them. This is a never ending loop the feeds the evil retail beast.

The best part is that they do not work alone. It is a consortium of evil.

Top retailer brands like Carrefour, IKEA, Metro AG, ALDI and many others in the ranks are working together to entrap the masses into their web. Most people consider these brands to be separate, but they are the only ones who are creating the market trends that others have to follow. No one else has the financial power to break through the competition because all of it is sourced from Sweatshops in Asia. They are the only ones who benefit from these goods at the end of the day.

The slaves in the sweatshop work 13 to 16 hours a day to barely get 25 $ a month, and its NOT enough for their families to survive.

Are we talking about the safety conditions yet?

If you give the slaves any kind of safety features, then it wont be a profitable venture now will it?

This is a basic fact for these evil corporations that have been running their slave houses in the so-called independent world.

People have been dying in Bangladesh for years, and the frequency has been going higher in the year 2013. There are no measures taken in the country even though there has been a major uproar in the media. These evil manipulators make it a point that nothing happens in their system of evil and their feeding frenzy continues — as the poor become their prey.

Where are you going to go for work?

There is nothing else out there, Walmart and the lot has made sure their slaves have no where else to go.

People are suffering in this perpetual trap, and the monsters behind this poisonous system have to be destroyed.

Bharti Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India


Tommy Wade

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