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This blog is against WALMART, and it is not controlled by walmart employees in any manner!

Any complaint made here will be posted on this blog, so the people will not make the mistake of going to this evil corporation that intends to destroy us all for profits.

If you have experienced any problems or have discovered any unethical tactics used by Walmart, Carrefour, Tesco, LIDL, ALDI, Starbucks, Auchan, Lanmark, and other such companies that have invaded India then leave the details of those issues in the comment form below.

Bharti Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India

All candid information will be posted on the blog for the world to see, and to expose these evil corporations. They use the system against the common man, and their highly paid lawyers find one way or another to break down the laws, and suppress the people but not any more. There are many other ways to fight monsters like them which is why we are here to give you that platform, and speak out to your heart’s content!

Feel free to express yourself, and vent all of your anger. We are here for the common people who have no where else to go to present themselves and their case.


5 Comments on “Submit Complaint”

  1. Taren says:

    This is a good idea to get complaints against Walmart, there are only a few places where people can speak up when the whole system is set up to put people down! Nice work…

  2. Ursula says:

    This is a very good thing that you are doing, people have no way to stop a corporation like Walmart that can even manipulate a class action law suit against them, and suppress people.

    Thanks for fighting for all of us!

  3. Jack Hogan says:

    Good job man, never seen any one who has put in so much work into fighting a big corporation like Walmart..!

    Keep working hard!

  4. Nola Brinkley says:

    People definitely a place where they can talk about the corporations like Walmart that have taken over their lives…

  5. Alisha Knotts says:

    Keep working hard like this, there are not many people that can fight this hard..

    We need a place where we can speak up for sure…

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