Walmart India is a Global Predator that drains the life blood of humanity to maintain its profitability. This type of corporate ideology is the inevitable demise of the world which has to be stopped in its tracks. Indian National Congress is in their bag, and this corporation is making all the efforts to break down the laws that protect the land. This will allow them to destroy all the small businesses to make a quick profit, and there will be greater poverty in the country. They are not here to do charity, but they are here to rip the common man off with the cut-throat tactics that the Zealot cult has used for generations.

Bharti Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India

This corporation is owned by the same cult that has been destroying the roots of not only this country but many other cultures of the world so the sinister monsters behind the scenes can make shekels through blatant lies, deception, manipulation and backstabbing that they have mastered over generations.

This organization cannot be allow to go on any further, and it has to be stopped in its destructive path — once and for all.

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