Walmart Sweatshop Slave Deaths Breaks 500 Record

Walmart rejoices as they have successfully tried to suppress their involvement in over 500 deaths in Bangladesh ( Garment Factory Collapse – 25th, April 2013 ) by putting the blame on the Building owners, and the the Government of Bangladesh. When the Corporations can easily manipulate the government, and the smaller links in the chain, they can easily get away with their crimes, and they have been successful for years.

This criminal corporation has successfully destroyed hundreds of people over the years, by ensuring that the people of the enslaved country never get their deserved pay. Being the lowest paid workforce in the world, this is a country that has been targeted as a slave workforce that will be used as the “Workhouse” of clothes for the world in the coming years.

China has lost its so-called “competitive advantage” for having the cheapest workforce that can be…”exploited” for profit maximization. The People behind these corporations are as slippery as an eel, as they know how to manipulate the minds of the people, and the laws of the land at the same time.

The best part is that the people walk into their trap for short term gains, when they end up loosing much more in the future. Because of their short vision, the masses get entrapped in the intricate web that has been woven for them by the corporate predator like walmart.

This is only one brand name that remains as the leader of all the corporations that originate from the singular evil force that controls multiple brand names to hide their true identity. As long as their true identity remain hidden they can continue their profiteering agendas for years to come.

When you have “Fake Activists” working for these corporations, the voices of the people who have suffered under such systematic organized crime by zealots are easily suppressed.  The best part is that no one realizes that there are a number of such fake activists that take control of the whole resistance, and suppress the people completely.

A number of such manipulative techniques are used to control the opposition, where the people remain in a controlled state, and are never able to fight back for their rights. As the web of evil extends all over the planet, same pattern of manipulation is going to be followed to destroy the people.

Will the Evil monstrosity of Walmart End?

It is the source that must be destroyed which is manipulating all the extensions, when the source is destroyed, all the demonic extensions will vanish into oblivion. Their crimes are nearly unlimited, and they must pay for all the lives they have destroyed over the years.

Walmart Bangladesh Sweatshop Murder in April 2013

Walmart Bangladesh Sweatshop Murder in April 2013

Tommy Wade

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