Walmart Burns more Slaves in Bangladeshi Sweatshops ( Oct 8, 2013 )

Walmart, Gap, and the lot are in cohorts with each other so they can continue to exploit slave labor in impoverished countries. Their plan is to push their slaves to the absolute limit until they literally burn in their sweatshop machine. This more than apparent in Bangladesh, this is a country where people have been dying for over 16 years.

They can control the media to manipulate the perception of the masses. This gives them reasonable doubt in the court of law to get away with their global crimes. They have hired fake activists who pretend to work for the people when nothing actually happens in the background. They have made sure that no one is able to fight back so they can continue their system of profiteering without any kind of hindrance.

Seems impossible? No, its not!

Their track record is clear, and they have no intentions of changing their ways. All they have to do is continue manipulating the laws of the world so they can continue their evil feeding frenzy.

Yes, they are nothing more than a blackhole of infinite greed that will stop at nothing. They are not the kind of people who have any kind of remorse because at the end of the day all that matters to them is their billion dollar profit. Obviously, by hook and crook.

But then we know the real value of their profiteering, it costs human lives that they consider worthless. The downtrodden are nothing more than fodder to burn in the machines that feeds their never ending greed.

The factor of profiteering is simple – Get cheep goods from China, Bangladesh, mexico and other countries where Sweatshops are installed and lay back to feed on the profits for years to come.

If any one tries to question them, then they pretend to help their victims when they are entrapping them in a system of debt. Just like Walmart “pledged” 50 million “loan” to the factories which eventually they will have to pay back at a very heavy interest rate.


GAP Walmart Fake Plan

GAP Walmart Fake Plan

Image Source: Bangladesh Garment-Factory Fire Kills 112 Because of Safety Issues


Tommy Wade

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