Walmart entraps India amid Debt Based Economy

Bharti Walmart India is using all the techniques to shut the common man’s voice in this country, and they are warping the financial system of the nation which was built with “Debt Based Economy”. This distorted system was built to produce continuous Debt which is controlled by the “World Bank”.

The “World Bank” is a tool to control the world which is done by giving loans with enormous interest rates that the people of the nation keep paying till the end of time. This Banking system was built by the same people who owned the British, French, and Dutch East India Company. The Independence of India was a complete fraud because it allowed them to control the citizens of this state with a remote control puppet government that they installed and can be controlled though the puppets installed in the regime. The new people that come around can be easily controlled by just flashing some money in their faces.

Walmart India

Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India intends to install its centers over-zealously in this country, and they mean to pressure the minds of the inhabitants by making them fall to the increasing “Inflation”. Thetime has come that the people of the world will wake up to the repulsive, backstabbing, and deceitful scheme that was shaped by the “Zealots” to choke and bind the people of the globe eternally.

They created dreams in “America” but all those dreams were built on a system of lie, deception and fraud of the highest level. Such a demonic system is bound to fall, and any thing that tries to sustain itself from such a weak system is bound to be destroyed. The game of the “Demonic Zealots” comes to an end, and the people of the humankind will not take their backstabbing ways any more.

Walmart India

Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India is built by the same people who control the “World Bank” and the “Federal Banking system” which enables them to control all the people of the world. They have no contemplation of the human cost of the abuse that they commit because they have been doing this for generations.

The “British East India Company” and its appalling crimes against the humanity was verification enough. They used all the resources in the hands to destroy all the native businesses, and slowly install their industrial goods so that all the money in an economy comes into their pockets and they can live a bountiful life forever.

Walmart India

Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India will use its “Undercutting” approach to wipe out local businesses further, and there will be nothing left for the average man. Resident companies go out of business, there will be more unemployment in the country, and it will also lead to the rise in crime rate as well. This astonishing system of indefinite mistreatment will never stop unless the basis of all evil is devastated absolutely.

Tommy Wade

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