Walmart bribery case in India hushed up

Walmart  has been playing the same game of deception in every economy that they have targeted for sustainable exploitation, and certain countries have been chosen to become slaves. These are the countries that have been systematically destroyed over the years through various techniques used by the original terrorist of the planet, that always use a veil of confusion to mask their true identity.

Mexico has seen the same kind of degradation over the years, and the officials in that countries have been manipulated in such a way that the people become the cattle burning in their corporate machines. They wipe out all the businesses in a slow manner as time passes on, and the only business will remain in the area will be theirs, however the different brand names are used as a veil to show that there is “competition” in the environment, when there is none.

The laws of the land play the most important role in governing all the businesses, and they are manipulated by such corporations in such a manner that all their processes becomes very smooth. Also giving them a very strong defense that will never allow any one else to stand up against them.

When the always are completely in their favor then they can easily use people as their cattle, and burn them in  such a systematic manner that they will never even realize it.

This is the main reason that corporations like Walmart have been able to make billions in such a short amount of time when they actually produce absolutely nothing.

They manipulate the sweatshops setup in Bangladesh, china, and many other countries where people keep working their lives away for a meager wage that is just enough to keep their bodies alive but keeps them in a constant state of stress. If they want to make that little amount of money to survive they will have to work 16 hours a day or more to stay alive… barely..

It is a poisonous system made by the zealots specifically to enslave the masses, and they have done it in secret to destroy every community in the world for their personal greed.

They continue their attack towards all the people of the world without worrying about the consequences because they know how to manipulate the system to suppress any kind of opposition against them.

They manipulate the mindset of the masses to keep them in the mindset of slavery where the common people only think about their survival, and nothing more. Keeping themselves alive is the only thing that comes into their mind, and this keeps the real terrorist on safe grounds.

When no one fights back, the corporate terrorist succeeds..!

Bharti Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India

Tommy Wade

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