Walmart’s Sweatshop Deaths tops 1000 in Bangladesh

Merely Two Weeks after the Walmart Sweatshop Building Collapse in Savar, Dhaka in Bangladesh, which has topped the deaths of over a Thousand Wage Slaves (25 April, 2013 ), There has been Another Sweatshop Fire on 8th May 2013. This is a pattern here that is not only being followed by just one single factory owner, the whole country has been put into a depraved state by these corporations who know exactly how to manipulate people.

When you are constantly in the state of debt, then you will just leap into the solution that is going to be put before you. Most people are not able to see that it is not a solution but a life threatening trap. This is more than evident by the constant deaths happening in Bangladesh. This is not an isolated event because it has been happening for over a decade.

The people do not know a way out any more, they just know how to remain trapped until Death comes to set them free.

Yet, the true criminals are those people who have set up this trap so they can literally prey on the most poor.

Who cares about them right? They are just cattle who can be used.

Who cares about the poor? They die every single day.

Who cares about giving them proper work conditions? It’s too cost ineffective.

HEY! If We have to give so many privileges, then we would just hire people back home! BUT NO, They are too expensive..

This is a power game, where the most poor get literally thrown into the meat blender to be used as corporate fodder.

The trap that has built around them has been done for years so the people can be brought down to this depraved state, and this has continued since the time of the British East India company. When a puppet government was installed to control the people, along with the debt based economy. All you have to do is put the most corrupt on top, and the rest of the population can be easily controlled.

When you have the man on the top in your pocket, then the whole country can be easily manipulated.

The Zionist owned British East India company is responsible for this act, just like “David Cameron’s family was responsible for installing the banking system in the East, under the rule of the East India company. If you meet all the liaison’s dealing with contracts in such Sweatshops, they can all be found in UK.

Same Scene with China, as they are nothing more then slaves themselves, the inflation rate is rising, and the labor has become a bit more expensive. Bangladesh has become the primary target as people can be paid even less than China now. They have become the target for the next 25 years, as all the blood sucking corporations have taken their production units in this country.

Can We expect more deaths in the future? Definitely!

Will the Corporations like Walmart, Tesco, Disney, etc use the media to wash their hands off the future Slave Genocide? YES!

Economic, social and psychological atrocities will continue, deaths of slaves will be a common denominator.

Walmart Sweatshop Bangladesh Deaths over one thousand

Walmart Sweatshop Bangladesh Deaths over one thousand

Tommy Wade

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