Walmart’s Global Kleptocratic Profiteering Con Game

Walmart is built on the profiteering ideology of the zealots that owned the British East India Company, as we all know that they are being funded by the EL Rothschilds. Bharti Field Fresh is going to export farm goods from India to European countries, the best of the food crop, and the people of the country are going to be fed mass produced GMO foods to destroy us from the inside out.

This is the very core of the economic, political, psychological, and physical attack being done by the zealots in many countries so they can wipe out every culture that was superior to them in every way. This is because they want to be number 1 in every way, and the only way they can make that happen is by destroying every one else, or convert them into their collective.

Their evil mind always revolves around making everyone suffer, and they enjoy doing that my keeping them in a state of ignorance. People just walk into their elaborate traps, and they get ripped apart without even realizing it. Every bad choice made in your life is a weapon used against you by these monsters, and they use that towards their profiteering ends.

Anyone who goes against their own country, and their people do get a short term gain but they loose out so much more that they cannot even begin to realize in the long term. There are many narrow minded people in the world that have chosen that path, and because of their amazing ignorance they have ended up destroying their own people at the hands of the zealots.

The same formula cane be seen in Mexico where the people are being impoverished by zealots in many different ways, and they do not even realize that who is making that happen to them. They have turned against each other, and they are being manipulated by zealots on the top which makes them loose every thing for years to come.

Floating in the state of ignorance, they loose so much that can be hardly imagined. Yet, the con game of the zealots continues, and they keep feeding on humanity like people are their cattle and they are out on the harvest.

People are the prey for the zealots, and they constantly cause pain and suffering all over the planet so they can pretend to be the kinds of the world when infact they are nothing more than bottom feeding para cites.

Bharti Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India

Tommy Wade

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One Comment on “Walmart’s Global Kleptocratic Profiteering Con Game”

  1. Laura says:

    I will have to agree with you, i have seen the same thing with Walmart here in the USA !

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