Walmart Bangladesh Sweatshop Factory Fire in 2012, Again

Bharti Walmart India washes its hands yet again from the fire that happened in Bangladesh where people have been continuously dying for the last six years. There have been many complaints in the media but Walmart has gotten away with their crimes very smoothly. These factories were connected to Li & Fung, a global trading group which buys for retailers like Target and Walmart.

Walmart gets away with it by claiming that they are not sure if they buy from that factory, which is the same dark power of confusion that comes from the Tower of Babel. By adding confusion into the mix they are able to cloud the minds of the people, and hide their crimes in plain sight so they can continue their feeding frenzy on the masses that is used to make their billions.

walmart bangladesh 2012 factory fire

walmart bangladesh 2012 factory fire

Constant factory fires in Bangladesh that have been happening over the years proves that these corporate monsters only care about their profit maximization which is built over the pain, and suffering of so many people who are just desperate for survival. These monsters count on the desperate nature of the people when they are just trying to make a living to feed their families, yet they continue their economic onslaught against the world for the pure and simple reason of greed.

Bharti Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India

There are many other so-called good brands such as GAP involved in the sweatshops in Bangladesh that have been making their billions all over the world just by feeding off the margins that they get from these sweatshop labor goods. Profiteering was never so easy when you can exploit so many people around the planet using every means at your disposal which the Zionist have bee doing all over the planet.

Tommy Wade

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