Walmart attacks to kill Indian Jobs, and farmers

It is a known fact that Walmart is a wage slaver, and they are bringing their putrid corporate system into India to make every citizen of the country into their wage slave. The zealots were not able to enslave the people forcefully which is the reason they use the economic system to keep their human cattle hooked into their system.

Bharti Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India

Walmart targets the country because there is a big middle class they want to exploit. India was being prepared for the harvest for the last 60 years after the fraudulent “Independence” which was to inhibit the ability to understand that they have become slaves at a whole new level. When people do not think that they have become slaves, then they will never try to fight back. They will continue working towards their jobs, and live out their lives like slaves. Most people do not want to deal with problems, and tend to avoid it like a disease which the zealots have used over the years to entrap the masses.

Bharti Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India

Not only they use Sweatshops in China, Bangladesh, Thailand, and Mexico to create their cheap goods but they install their shops to create the perfect flow which destroys the lives of the people for generations to come. People get ripped part in their mechanical system that was created to feed on human being themselves.

These demonic human beings are the type of peopel that feed on the flesh of others using the elaborate traps that they create through the political, economic, and educational system to warp the minds of their prey so they will be weak enough to be manipulated till the end of time.

Bharti Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India

This has also been done in India as the political, and the Educational system that still exists in the country was installed by the British East India company. This has enslaved the minds of the people, and they keep on following the path that was created to enslave them till the end of time.

Now, they are going to rip off the farmers by replacing their original natural seeds with GMO Seeds which will never produce a seed of their own which is to make the farmers become completely dependent on the corporations for GMO seeds. The farmers will have to keep on buying the seeds from the corporations which will eventually destroy the completely. Once, the farmers are destroyed, then the food source of the country is killed.

Famine will kill off the masses easily, and the zealots will take over complete to make the world in their demonic name.

Tommy Wade

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