Bharti Walmart India – Corporate Thug Manipulates Media

Bharti Walmart India has been using the main stream media as a means of disinformation, and they have also been using fake bloggers as a secondary means of manipulation so that their system will remain in place. They have created a powerful network of controlled opposition so that the people of the world will continue doing their work, and never make an effort to fight back themselves. This technique has worked for many years which has allowed such corporations to mushroom to the levels they have achieved today only through the means of absolute lies, and deception.

Whenever someone starts pointing a finger at them, then they start a whole new wave of lies through the main stream media to create massive amount of confusion to warp the minds of the masses. Their main aim is to douse the voice of the common man with massive amount of noise that they create through the media, and suppress all opposition against them till the end of time.

This technique as worked for hundred of years because no one was ever loud enough to speak up against them, and this is the reason that they have been successful for many years. They do not have to do any thing but manipulate the people that they were supposed to serve through their business, but their business is not a business of life but of death. their primary aim has not been to make the people flourish but drain the life out of them through the economic system they have created to entrap the common man.

This way the common man becomes the fodder for their industrial machine which has only one purpose, which is profit maximization over the lives of the people. Any economy that walmart enters, there are many businesses that shut down because they bring in slave labor sweatshop goods from china which has been enslaved using communism.

People go on with their lives because all the other choices have been eliminated, and they have to depend on the very last choice that remain right in front of them. The people who do not have any where else to go, become a part of the corporation because they need a job to feed their family. This way the common people become hopelessly entrapped in their system till the end of time, and never able to speak out because they are completely dependent on the system.

This cannot go on, and corporations like Bharti Walmart India, have to be stopped once and for all before they destroy the common people of this country just like they have done in many different places in the world. Every one already knows that they have been using the government officials to break into the economy, and it is only the matter of time till all businesses are wiped out, slowly.

Bharti Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India

Tommy Wade

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