Bharti Walmart India – Rothschild’s Neo Colonial Extension

Bharti Walmart India is a mere extension of the corrupt Rothschild Family that has destroyed this country and many other under the British East India Company. Walmart is a known exploitative corporation that has broken every rule in the book and more to expand its evil roots in the world. They feed off the Sweatshops they have created around the world, and create predatory prices to cut down all competition in their path. They get people hooked into their web, and they start pullung in the strings when there is no one else to turn to. They start raising the prices after a while, and they increase the stress on the people of the world slowly.

Field Fresh Rothschild

Field Fresh Rothschild

The plan of these monsters is that they are going to export all the best edible goods from india to Europe, and install GMO products in india to destroy the masses slowly. It will be a double whammy for the people of the world because they have planned this attack all over the planet.

Bharti Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India

There is no doubt that they are the most evil force on the planet which is the reason they have to be completely destroyed to protect the future. These monsters will never stop because making quick profits by scamming, and poisoning other people is the only way they know, and they will never stop doing it because it is in their nature. They are the true enemies of every life on this planet, and they warp the mindset of the masses to do their bidding without their own knowledge. They create a perfect trap in which the people walk in themselves which proves that they prey on people to sustain their demonic existence.

Tommy Wade

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