Walmart Invades Ethiopia to set up Sweatshops

Ethiopia is a country burdened by Debt from IMF, and World Bank just like many other countries like Bangladesh which have become a target for Corporations like Bharti Walmart India to set up Sweatshops. This is a corporation that is a mere extension of the people who set up the Debt based economy around the planet to destroy the people of the world so they can play the “Master Race”, and make every one on the planet suffer under their dark reign.

They are the same monsters that owned the British East India company, The Rothschild Family. We know that Lady Lynn Rothschild is funding walmart in india. They are doing the same thing in many countries where they have set up the same evil system, and they intend to destroy the people of the world by creating massive pressure on their lives so they will keep paying 1000 times more than they owe. This fraudulent system was set up by the zionist so they can make all the people of the world suffer till the end of time.

Just like the coffee production in this country is used by zionist owned Starbucks which picks up dirt cheap coffee from the country, and makes billions around the planet, and feeding off the blood money of the poor people who they impoverished in the first place. Their dark reign on the people of the world continues, and they use multiple ways to suppress the people of the world so they are never able to fight back against them. The time has come when the people of the world finally stand up against them, and make them pay for all the crimes they have done for generations.

Bharti Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India

Tommy Wade

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One Comment on “Walmart Invades Ethiopia to set up Sweatshops”

  1. Bea says:

    Ethiopia has been suffering for years, and Walmart is only going to add to the problem. They do not need chain stores, they need to stand up on their own. This corporations is going to bring down a whole new hell in this world, for sure.

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