Indians Refuse Bharti Walmart Tesco Invasion

Bharti Walmart India along with various deceptive corporations like Metro AG, Tesco, carrefour, LIDL in India, and the list can go on but the point is that they have invaded this country to destroy all small businesses.

To take over the market to create perfect monopoly by using fraudulent brand names which is owned by a single communal force of evil that knows exactly how to manipulate their prey using the laws of the world along with manipulating their minds with information warfare.

There is no end to their deception, and they continue their onslaught against all the people of the world just to enslave them, and make money off them till the end of time.  This amazing criminal cult of evil continues their attack on every community deceptively and make multiple barriers as they go to feed on human flesh using the economic system they have built on debt.

Bharti Walmart India is not allowed in the country but they are using the corrupt politicians to make their way into the country, and using the information system to spread their incessant lies.

Bharti Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India

Tommy Wade

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