Bharti Walmart Intends to Spread Monsanto in India

Bharti Walmart India is powered by the most powerful yet “Evil” Forces in the world such as the infamous  Rockerfellers, and The Rothschild Family who were one of the figure heads that owned the British East India company. We know that Lady Lynn Rothschild has funded this corporation in the country so not only they can open all the doors to Chinese Goods but also export all the best quality food out of the country to Zionist controlled Europe.

Not only that, they intend to plant Monsanto Genetically modified foods which can be easily mass produced in large quantities and they are the kind of plants that will produce no seed so that the farmers will end up buying seeds again, and again from their corporation. This way the people will be hooked forever, and they will be killed off slowly because they are genetically modified poison.

This is the evil plan of the zionist to kill off the people of India, and the rest of the world so their dark reign on the world will remain forever, however the end of this evil cult is inevitable. These monsters will pay for all the crimes that they have committed for generations.

Bharti Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India

Tommy Wade

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One Comment on “Bharti Walmart Intends to Spread Monsanto in India”

  1. Connor says:

    There has been talk about walmart, the way they are supporting Monsanto in USA.. Many products from Monsanto are not even labeled that way to fool the people… Its crazy, they are so very manipulative!

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