Bharti Walmart India – Planned Zirakpur invasion

Bharti Walmart India has made Zirakpur as one of their strongholds because “Punjab” is one of the biggest food producers in this country. Their main agenda has always been to export food product of the highest quality to zionist countries, and leave the Monsanto seeds to feed the masses. 

What is Monsanto?

Bio-Engineered Seeds mixed with Animal DNA so they would be able to create more amount of food than normal. The biggest issue with this version is that it is pure poison for your body, and it will kill you off slowly.

This is the demonic plan of the Zionist Walmart, along with many other brands that are entering the country to create a monopoly.

They are not here to help us, they are here to wipe us out of existence using very means at their disposal.

However, it will be a slow death because their main war tactic is to keep their Prey alive so they can feed on their blood for generations to come. Like being trapped in the web of a spider that keeps its prey alive to drink its blood slowly.

Why kill your enemy instantly when you can keep it alive and use it as food?

They are the kind of monsters that use other human beings as their food using elaborate traps that no one can get out from, an open prison that you cannot see, feel or touch because it is all around you.

They have been playing war with us for generations, and the time has come they are are destroyed in return.

Bharti Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India

Tommy Wade

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