Bharti Walmart India – PermaTemp Wage Slavery

Bharti Walmart India is bringing in Schneider’s Logistics PermaTemp wage slavery into the country, and the people were being reprogrammed to become prepared for the warped rules they have created to suffocate human life.

They have been installing the concept of “Third Party Pay Roll” into the minds of greedy Indian businessmen who only think about their own profit. They have been using HR companies to become a front for “Third Party Pay Roll” program which is intended to deprive normal people from any benefits that they would have on a normal pay roll.

They lure in recruits on the promise that they will be given a full time job to make the people become used to the system. Years later, these corporations come in with a whole new set of warped system that intends to bleed the common man further to cut down prices.

Bharti Walmart India functions on perpetual loop of slavery, and the best part is that they enjoy doing it at the same time. They have been doing this for generations, and they have become habituated to this way of life.

Their parasitical ways are extremely poisonous, and they implant their system slowly to bleed the common man. They are planning the same thing for this country, and they have forced their way in through the government to stay for good. People have to fight back so they have a chance at a better future.

Bharti Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India

Tommy Wade

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