Bharti Walmart Maneuvers Indian Probe for Self benefit

Warping original data has been the primary weapon used by this malevolent company Bharti Walmart India which is built on a enormous web of lies, and dishonesty. They enjoy devouring the blood of the ordinary people by eliminating their small business in such a professional approach that they would never understand what happened to them.

They influence the government, and the media in such a misleading manner that they would get away with their gargantuan crimes of kleptocracy. This is a colossal force of complete greed that intends to gulp down the lives of millions of people by taking over from all sides, and leave them zilch.

The crooked officials who only think about their own individual gain do not see the degree of such an evil might for the reason that they just do not care for the common man. This is the benefit that the zealots use as a chance to destroy the people who the officials were supposed to protect.

This is the reason that FDI in India did not stop because not only it was for the interest for the corporations that wanted to destroy the people of this country but the politicians benefit as well with under the table deals with the corporate sharks.

Bharti Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India

Tommy Wade

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One Comment on “Bharti Walmart Maneuvers Indian Probe for Self benefit”

  1. Mcbeath says:

    Walmart will definitely do any thing to stop any one that tries to speak up against them, i have seen so many crazy things you wont believe!

    Never the less, i like you great effort, keep going…!

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