Bharti Walmart India – Rupesh Chander Complaint

I had purchased 2 trousers from Best Price (Bharti-Walmart India) store at Zirakpur on 30th April,2012. Both had same size label on them. Incidentally, the one that I Put on immediately after reaching home felt quite fit for me. So, I kept the other one to wear some other day. My card has expired since then and I did not make any more visits to the Store.

About 2 weeks back, I had to go out to attend some family function. I took out this second one to wear. But, it would not fit. Not that I have put on weight in all these days, but the trouser was undersized. While the label said it would fit waist size of 36, the actual size is 32. So i paid a visit to the store on Monday for getting it exchanged.

But they wouldn’t. They refused on the grounds that I had come after 15 days from the date of purchase, while that rule is for perishable items (the first rule on the board printed there said – The items having expiry date within 15 days will not be taken back).

I said the apparels are not perishable. But they refused to listen. This is gross. And this is also non-standardization. They were billed to me @ Rs.398 each. Now the lady at the counter said – the price has also come down. Now, it is Rs.199. I feel cheated by the company. If they can do this to retailers/shopkeepers, what to say of others. This is cheating, misrepresentation and not professionalism. I don’t know how walmart operates in the US, but surely not this way.

And just imagine. I twice tried sending an email on their ‘contact us’ mail ID – Both times The Microsoft Exchange service returned the following error-Delivery has failed to these recipients or distribution lists:

The recipient’s mailbox is full and can’t accept messages now. Microsoft Exchange will not try to redeliver this message for you. Please try resending this message later, or contact the recipient directly.

My mailbox contains thousands of messages. yet it’s never full. And theirs is. Don’t they maintain it properly? Or do they get more negative than positive mailers.

Bharti Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India

Tommy Wade

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