Complete control with 51 % stake in Retail

The zealots that have been warring against the world to feed their infinite hunger of greed are the same monsters that belonged to the “Bourgeois Family line” which controlled the monstrous “British, french, swiss, and dutch east India company. Now, they are again attacking this country at a whole new level after they allowed the crops to become ripe for the harvest. They are using corporations like Bharti Walmart India, tesco, Lidl in india, starbucks, Metro AG, Aldi and Carrefour which just a few of the names being taken in a few sectors.

Bharti Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India

They plan to take over all the sectors in a covert manner when the common people will never know who is in control, and they will suck the blood of the common people that remain in complete ignorance. Bharti Walmart India keeps advertising the desire for 51 % control which basically means that they will be the ones calling the shots at every levels, and the people of the country will have no choice but the become their dogs.  They is the diabolical plot that the zealots have been planning for generations, and every member of the cult in in on it. They feel it is perfectly fine to manipulate the people who are not a part of their cult, and they are happy with it. These monsters have no remorse of their crimes which is why they have to be destroyed as soon as possible.

Tommy Wade

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