Walmart calls shady Lidl in India

The new age fundamentals of Profiteering off the lives of the common people is the true reality that all the so-called “Third world countries” are facing. Let me remind you that the mere concept of “Third World” was created by Zealots so they can suppress the countries they call “Third world” perpetually so they can bleed them for generations to come for their personal profit. This can be proven by the massive atrocities that these monsters have committed, time after time.

They pushed down the countries that were abundant with riches and deep culture by warring against them with deception, lies, and backstabbing. The Evil Corporations who are supposedly nameless and faceless are being puppeteered by “Zealots” from the background as they own the company through collective shares. They think that they can not only feed off the lives of the common people through the share market but they can also hide their presence, however a massive evil of this proportion can never remain hidden forever.

This humongous force of absolute evil has taken the form of Bharti Walmart India, Tesco, Lidl in India, Aldi, Carrefour who have made their millions through massive exploitation of the people of the world. These monsters think that they have scammed the world, and there is no one to stop them because they are the ones with all the money and power. However, this is the very mindset that is going to lead to their just demise because everyone gets what they rightfully deserve in the end.

Bharti Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India

The demonic corporate culture is the same for Bharti Walmart India, Tesco, Lidl in India, Aldi, Carrefour because they are a part of the same Bilderberg group that has conspired to destroy humanity for their personal greed. They wanted to play “Big Brother” bully to man handle the people who wanted to live a quiet and peaceful life.

These are the kind of evil monsters who have a massive ego, and have the desire to be considered as “God”, yet they have no positive virtue within them. It can be seen through the way they do business, and the way they conduct themselves to profiteer off other people – Bleeding them till the end of time. These monsters put massive pressure on the countries they enslaved for generations, and through psychological warfare they try to control the mindset of the people. They create the “Norms” so that no one is ever able to escape from their evil trap, and their trap will remain in place forever in which the common people will bleed to death.

Bharti Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India

Just like they experimented on Dogs when they kept them in a room which constantly gave them a minor shock in regular intervals which hurt each time. At first the dog tried to escape the room which was close but after some time it gave up. When they left the door open, the dog did not try to run out even though it was being shocked. These monsters realize then that if they create such despair then their victims will see no way out and give up completely.


This is the same trick that has been used on people who are not a part of the “Borg Collective” so that their evil cult can come up when the rest of the world is suppressed in their dark reign. These monsters think that they have done a great thing by such acts, but all these numerous crimes they have committed throughout the generations will only lead them to their inevitable downfall. After all they are nothing but frauds at the end of the day!


Bharti Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India

It can be clearly seen that “Catastrophic work conditions” have been created to enslave common people so that the corporations can make millions over the lives of the innocent people. Their minds only work towards manipulating the people of the world, and they will never stop because they train their future generations to do the same thing.

Bharti Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India

The sly deception here can be seen again when the countries that have been used as Sweatshops for the greedy engines of Bharti Walmart India, Tesco, Lidl in India, Aldi and Carrefour. They are the ones who created the “Norms” so they can fool the world into thinking that “everybody does it” so they can continue their poisonous system to destroy the lives of many people for their selfish reasons.

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Tommy Wade

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