Exporting fresh farm goods: EL Rothschilds and walmart

Bharti Walmart India is an evil corporate terrorist which is funded and controlled by the same people who have warred against this country through many covert wars that most people are not aware about. They are taking the level of control they have over the people of this country to a whole new level so that they can fill their backs by destroying more lives in the process.

Walmart Field fresh

Walmart Field fresh

 It can be clearly seen that Walmart is being funded by the Rothschilds Family to “EXPORT” farm goods, and not to spread it through out the country. They are here to con the people of India to a whole new level by not only opening complete doors to chinese goods but loot away food as well. They are here to impoverish the people at a whole new level and they will never stop until they destroy every one.

Walmart Field Fresh

Walmart Field Fresh

Bharti Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India

It is a well known fact that it was the Rothschild family that owned the British, French, Dutch and Swiss East India company that potted, and destroyed the people of many countries including India. Most of the businesses today are directly or indirectly controlled by “Zealots” in this country because they never went out of power, and they only grew stronger, and more evil. Walmart India is the next phase in their plans, and they are bringing in many other parallel brands owned by the zealots so they can harvest the people of this country for the next 25 years so that they can feed their empty hearts, and souls which is filled with nothing but greed.

Tommy Wade

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