There is a big question in everyone’s minds when they look towards the jobs they used to have, and the economic condition that used to exist few years ago. They start asking themselves why is the economic condition going worse, and inflation never dies. They worked their sweat off, and still nothing changes in the world.

The structure of debt permitted the zealots to filch the whole lot from all the people of the globe after they had taken over the planet with the “British, French, Dutch, Swiss East India company”. The Zealot Age of enlightenment is the pure opposite of the original concept of enlightenment which is the liberation from the world of death. The zealot age of enlightenment represents how to enslave the people of the world with the poisonous system of everlasting debt.

The fortune 500 Corporations that grew fast like mushrooms in a jungle was not of a healthy base but through slavery of other people of the society. Enslaving other people allowed these monsters to get away with many crimes around the planet because they had the power of money, and politics on their side. Bharti Walmart India is a monster that is built on the same evil system created by zealots to destroy the lives of the people who they think are less than human. The point to be realized is that this evil cult uses every means necessary to suppress other people to stay ahead in the race.

Bharti Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India

The case of Debby Shanks also proves that they will go to any length to profiteer off the lives of the common people. She was in a major accident in the year 2000, and she lost her ability to function as a normal person. This woman suffered from short term memory loss, and she was incapable of remembering conversations that she had last 10 minutes ago. Her family had sued the trucking company that was responsible for the crash, and they won the lawsuit against them. Evil corporations like Walmart only helps with strings attached, and this can be seen from this case when they realized that she had won the lawsuit money. They sued her back for the money because they had to pay for her medical bills as it was part of her health plan.

Bharti Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India

These corporations also use poisonous tactics to save the millions they would have had to pay to the government by using “Dead peasant insurance policy”. This policy also allows them to take up tax free loans from the banks which is more like icing on the top for them when the common man burns in their system of infinite greed. Just take a step back, and ponder over the thought that if such a corporation is allowed into the country then they will make every effort to destroy the common man.

Tommy Wade

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