Corporate Zealotry: Dead peasant life insurance

Most evil corporate empires in the world today are owned, and controlled by Zealots who have been eating away the soul of the world for their personal profit. They have been planning the annihilation of the world methodically for their ego, greed, and the simple reason of world domination by backstabbing, lying, and using every sinister means to make it happen. They are the same people who owned the British, Dutch, French, Swiss East India Company which only came into existence after the complete take over of Europe after the installation of “Pretender Kings”. These pretenders were Crypto-zealots who legions always lay with the zeal of the zealots. All of that ancient evil transform to a whole new level in these times into the modern corporatocracy that we see today. The use of “Dead peasant Life insurance” by Zealots is an undying reality which is to save on the taxes that they would have had to pay to the government. Bharti Walmart India is the same pea of the pod that has the same track record in America.

Bharti Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India is an evil corporate empire which plans to destroy this country to a whole new level by exporting the fresh goods to Europe, and eliminating the kirana stores by predatory pricing. The goods they are going to sell are going to be directly from China, and most of the government officials in India are in their pockets. Once they enter and take over then there will be nothing to stop these monsters to destroy this country. These corporations carry these Dead peasant or dead janitor policies that amount in billions, and the best part is that you will never know that if this company has one out on your life. When you die, all the money goes to them with interest. They can also get loans from insurance companies on these policies to fund their agendas further.

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Tommy Wade

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2 Comments on “Corporate Zealotry: Dead peasant life insurance”

  1. Paulette Marino says:

    I’m really impressed together with your writing talents used against big corporation like Walmart, you have definitely worked really hard to make this happen…

    I also agree on the use of Dead peasant life insurance, most people never know whats happening around them, and they get scammed so easily.

  2. Latanya says:

    Everyone loves what you guys are up too. This sort of clever work and exposure!

    Walmart deserves a good thrashing, and you seem to be doing it!

    Keep up the excellent works guys.

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