Using 14 year old kids as labor

Child slavery is the greatest menace that is destroying humanity as we know it, and yet corporations that have given birth to Bharti Walmart India continue their rampage around the planet just to make a quick buck. The Corporate Zealots behind the Global atrocities that remain unseen by many eyes are deliberately hidden by the media which is owned by the same conglomerate. This has allowed them to destroy many communities around the world so they can enjoy a lavish life at the cost of other people. Walmart got away from the charges against them for child slavery by paying a small fine compared to the millions they made off the slavery to begin with. The ugliness of the “Zealots” is much deeper than it meets the eye as they create controlled opposition so that the people they have entrapped in their system never get out from their trap. This allows them to feed off their lives forever, and the normal people keep burning in their trap. These monsters will go to any depth to maintain their dark reign on humanity which is why it is essential that they are completely destroyed once and for all so that they never have the chance to make their move against humanity again.

Bharti Walmart

Bharti Walmart

Tommy Wade

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