Common man’s Blog Hacked by Corporate Terrorist

This country has become a target for global economic terrorist like Walmart India that foresee that they will be able to sustain their dark reign on humanity if they are able to enslave all the systems of this country. They are rapidly expanding their operations around the world so they can make up for loosing profits in the places they have already tapped out. Their whole warped system was built to exploit all the people connected to their system, and they are really good at it since they have been doing this for over 2500 years.  Their process of manipulation is so subtle that most people are never aware of what is happening to them for a very long time. This has allowed them to maintain their system of manipulation for such a long time. The key to the game of evil is creating controlled opposition, which has allowed them to take the level of manipulation to a whole new level. This gives them the opportunity to confuse people, and continue draining the life away of their victims. Eventually, the sheep become hopelessly entrapped in their system and give up resisting entirely.

Walmart India

Walmart India

They create multiple lies to hide their system of manipulation in plain sight as they control the media, and use sly linguistic skills to tone down the intensity of the situation. This is a powerful tool of information warfare that they have used for generations, and they have become masters at the game. There are many people who have become aware of their sly tactics, and have begun fighting them back. It is only a matter of time till the whole world finds out about the web that has been woven around them by “Zealots” who wanted to treat them as slaves till the end of time.

Walmart India

Walmart India

There are many people who have been writing against corporations like Walmart India that is using every means at its disposal to expand its warped roots in this country. They are a system of extreme exploitation which the whole world is aware about, and many do not want its warped existence in their community. They have attacked the blog of this blogger 3 times in 5 months to suppress the truth so their multimillion dollar system of manipulation can keep expanding. The more they use such techniques, the more they provoke even more intense retaliation against their evil system of greed.

Walmart India

Walmart India

Their end is inevitable, it is only a matter of time. Nothing can stop the storm that is heading their way.

Tommy Wade

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