Enslaved Bangladeshi women: Zealot atrocities

There is a dark force which has given birth to a monster called Bharti Walmart India that is hovering all over the planet that has been causing the systematic decay of humanity for over 2500 years. This is the force that was created by the intricate web of the “Zealots” that has been spreading like poison all over the planet.

The limitless ditch of gluttony of the “Zealots” threatens to munch through the lives of all they lay a hand on. These monsters beyond doubt have the touch of death, and any thing they come in contact with seems to rot entirely. The poisonous system of death that these monsters have created around the world serves their greed, and all the people connected to their demonic system have no choice but to remain their perpetual slaves forever.

The true mirror of their dark souls can be seen the death and destruction they left behind with the “British, French, and Dutch East India company around the world. However, their assault towards humankind did not begin with these evil organizations.

They have been methodically taking over countries by replacing their royalty with “Pretenders” like they did in “Britain”, and the present prince Charles is their modern pretender to the throne.

Walmart India

Walmart India

They conspired, and committed genocide of American Indians, Aboriginals, and many other inhabitants of countries all over the earth, they precisely structured a new deformed world that only serves their demonic agenda of greed.

The “Zealots” only have one god, and it is called “moolah”, this is the foundation of all their actions that leads us to organizations like Bharti Walmart India exists only to destroy the lives of other people. We can evidently see that the thought of “Sweat shops”, communism, and all the warped concepts that create intimidation around the planet was generated by none other than your “unfriendly” neighborhood “Zealots”.

Walmart India

Walmart India

In the video, as Kalpona Akter explains the proceedings of her life that she had to begin working at the age of 12 in sweat shops created by Zealots.

The biggest question is how did this country reach this downtrodden state?

It happened as the decay of the world accelerated as the greed of the zealots kept escalating. Today, these monsters terrorize the world with disinformation and backstabbing the people of the world by every means they possess. They have to be stopped if humanity is to exist.

Tommy Wade

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