Breaking Women: Class Action Lawsuit

Quick profits can only be generated by manipulating, and scamming people globally which the “Zealots” have mastered over the years. Bharti Walmart India is the next  phase in the evolution of greed of Zealots, which feeds off the Sweat Shops they created in the “Third World countries” that they terrorized through the “British, French and Dutch East India company under the management of the Bourgeois Family line.

The true depth of evil of “Zealots” is enormous which is why the systematic manipulation  of humanity has not stopped. Their game relies on psychological warfare which can be seen though the class action lawsuit that was prolonged as long as 11 years to make the women realize that they can never win against them, and live with the manipulation that has been done to them for many years.

This is just a small view of the monstrosity of the Zealots, and they will never stop until they are exposed for all the crimes they have committed for over 2500 years.

Walmart India

Walmart India

If we trace back all the brands that exist in India, they can all be traced back to the “Zealots” who have systematically installed their web within this country so they can feed off our lives forever.

They bribe the weak willed government officials to allow their system of manipulation exist, and we all know that Indian National Congress is controlled by Zealots, as it was formed by the British East India company itself. We never gained independence to begin with, and they only allowed us to think that we are free.

In-fact they took slavery to a whole new level though debt based economy, and a puppet government that they manipulated for years.  They have to be destroyed if the world is to survive.

Tommy Wade

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