Comply with India: Walmart play dead

Bharti Walmart India, Tesco, IKEA, Starbucks, Carrefour, 7-eleven and Metro AG are in complete cohorts with one another as they belong to the same round table of corporate evil. Their main strategy revolves around cornering a thriving economy which has a strong middle class that can buy their cheap trash that they create in enslaved China.

They are the same monsters who owned the British, french and dutch east india company who have been planning the destruction of humanity for a very long time. The only thing that revolves in their demonic mind is “money”, and they do not to work hard for it like normal people.

Walmart India

Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India has failed to change its demonic ideology for many years, even after many lawsuits against them. They get away with paying a very small fine against the millions they make from the extreme exploitation they do around the world. They have high powered lawyers in their pockets to help them push the cries of people down to the bottom.

These evil monsters will never change, and their crimes against humanity are numerous. They have been doing it for many years and they are very good at exploiting people. They have no intentions of stopping or changing for the good of humanity unless they are destroyed completely.

Walmart India

Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India has been given many chances to prove themselves that they can change, but they have ignored the very people they depend on for their profits. They have been proven unworthy because of the demonic actions and the world speaks out for the complete destruction.

There is no room for talking any further, and people will fight them back, very hard. This game of evil now comes to an end, and many people have decided that they are not going to take it any more. They monstrosity will come to an end, and they are just trying to prolong their inevitable end.

Try as hard as you will to survive, but your evil will always come back to haunt you.

Try to suppress the voice of truth, and truth itself will destroy you with absolute force.

Try to avoid your responsibilities, and the debt you owe to humanity will come back to you 10 times harder.

Try to avoid the punishment you rightfully deserve, and you will pay 100 times harder when your time comes.

Your time has now come to an end, accept your end with true grace or face greater retaliation.

The punishment will only become more intense, heed the warning.

Walmart India

Walmart India

Tommy Wade

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