Walmart India is a baby killer, watch out

Bharti WalMart India has issued a baby formula recall after a Missouri baby died due to a rare bacterial infection which was introduced into the formula because of poor manufacturing conditions in china which seems to perpetually continue forever. China has been used as the workhouse for the west after communism was installed in the country to stream line the production system, and control all the people as slaves. The “Zealots” who are the original terrorist of the planet have made sure that their slaves never get out of the trap that has been set up for them. Not only that, their customers now do not have any where else to go because all competition has been eliminated with predatory pricing.

This event basically shows that they reduce the quality of such sensitive items to make a quick buck, and the people using these products silently suffer till one of them dies from it. The human costs of their evil is astronomical, and such monster have to be put down before they can do more damage in this world.

Walmart India

Walmart India

One lot of Enfamil Newborn powder has been pulled from 3,000 store shelves nationwide after Avery Cornett died last week when he was only 10 days old. The big question you should ask yourself before feeding a baby “Formula” that is something that is created in a factory test tube safe for your child? The answer has been given by the death of this baby, which is not the fest case to begin with! Yet, people still remain in the trap that has been created for them by the zealots for their profiteering agendas.

Tests indicated that the infant died of an infection by Cronobacter sakazakii, a bacterium typically linked to contaminated baby formula.

Walmart India

Walmart India

The family said that they had bought the Enfamil formula at a Bharti WalMart India in Lebanon, Missouri. The manufacturer, Mead Johnson Nutrition, says the batch fed to Avery had tested negative for bacterial contamination, which is a lie to cover up the all the allegations that would arise against them.

Walmart played a crucial role in suppressing information that would have made them partners in their collective crimes. This is a perfect system of manipulation created by zealots where one criminal supports the crimes of another to suppress any retaliation that may occur against them.

Walmart India

Walmart India

Samples of the formula fed to Avery have been sent to the FDA and U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for testing. Yet all the evidence has been put aside so these corporations can continue their system of profiteering. The people have been shoved aside into the back drop, and their lives have become secondary when compared to the billion dollar profit. It is easy to poison people, and make money off it at the same time without the feeling of any guilt. This shows the magnitude of evil that has masterminded the destruction of the world.

( This had no effect on Bharti Walmart India, because the Zealots already control all the system of USA to maintain their high level of exploitation. This is the true depth of their monstrosity)

Walmart India

Walmart India

This recall of all the 12.5-ounce cans of Enfamil Newborn powder with lot number ZP1K7G sold at Wal-Mart stores nationwide in the USA.  They have ensured that no one finds out the true source of the poison by manipulating information to avoid mass retaliation, and final conviction of the corporation. This is part of information management which ensures that the public knows the least about what is happening in the back ground. By controlling the flow of information they have suppressed information about the crimes they do in the backdrops.

The whole lot of baby formula was affected with  Cronobacter contamination that caused the death of the babies. The delay in the inspection, and shoving away the reports hides the crimes these corporations do in the back ground.

Walmart India

Walmart India

This is the second major infant formula recall in two years. In 2010 Abbott Laboratories issued a Similac recall after some cans were found to be infested with beetles and their larvae. Children unwittingly fed the bugs by their parents and caretakers are believed to have suffered diarrhea and gastrointestinal distress. The lack of awareness of the parents, and blind trust in the foods created by these corporations have cause this tragedy which seems to continue even after years of similar cases occurring all over the world.

Bharti WalMart India has not issued an official statement regarding the formula and has not told parents whether they can return cans already purchased for a refund. However, that is the least of their problems when their food supply is basically contaminated completely.

Source Link: About Lawsuits

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