Walmart India is the worst corporate bully of the world

Walmart India , Tesco and carrefour is a monster that creates a systematic loop of extreme exploitation around the world which has been the core ideology for a very long time. This amazing system of depraved corporate bull’s feed off the lives of common people who’s lives mean absolutely nothing to them. They have destroyed and stomped over many lives to feed their never ending hunger of Greed.

Walmart India

Walmart India

Corporate Bullies like Walmart India , Tesco and carrefour are the perfect example of absolute greed who have to be stopped in their tracks. They use all means necessary to sway the minds of people which includes all the under handed techniques that can come into your mind.

People have been crying out against their atrocities, but they never cared to change their evil ways. They intend to continue their evil onslaught against the whole world till nothing is left to corrupt with their dark black hearts. This is the time when the heart of the evil beast has to but cut so the suffering of the people of the world ends.

Your end is coming, you can count on itWalmart India , Tesco and carrefour.

The common people will not allow your monstrosity to go any further!

Walmart India

Walmart India

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Tommy Wade

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